The Most To Lose

More To Gain

The media-fueled circus driven by the actions of former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez over the past week has been furious. Accused of executing an associate at point blank range, Hernandez’s action have kindled the flames of appalled disbelief we embrace when a celebrity or public figure who “has it all” throws everything away. The outcry, like clockwork, is groaned from the throaty depths of the middle and lower class who have purchased the deception that material wealth and social notoriety guide hearts to inner peace and calm seas.

The truth is far deeper, and unfathomably more uncomfortable.

More To Lose

I once viewed the rich and famous with those same eyes. Stunned and shaking my head, muttering assessments about the stupidity of tossing everything down the drain. Confirming the mob’s mentality that justice must be served, that retribution must be swift and without mercy.

After all, they deserve it.

I’m unable to pinpoint an exact moment, or boast of a profound revelation that changed my heart. I can only say that I’ve looked in the mirror when I’ve been at my worst.

And I’ve been disgusted.

I’ve pondered the paths my life might have traversed if this singular circumstance had been altered, or if that sequence of events had not unfolded exactly as they did.

And I’ve realized my entirety has always balanced on a ┬árazor’s edge of what I am now and what I could have been.

It’s hard to say what exactly serves as pivotal catalyst in a life laid ruined, but it is the nature of humanity to throw everything away when given the reigns. Desolation of the soul is a dormant malady residing within the fiber of our frailty, ┬ádelicately hinging upon every choice and happenstance that binds our actions to character.

We are inherently prone to throwing it all away, only requiring a nudge in the right (wrong) direction.

For some, the faintest prodding is sufficient.

More Than Meets The Eye

It may seem as though I am defending a murderer. I am not. Aaron Hernandez, if he committed these acts, is deserving of the penalty of law. I see these heinous crimes though and do not rush to condemn my fellow man, but rather feel a fierce and all-encompassing sorrow, born from the tragic stasis of this fallen world.

Because you see, the precedent was set from the very beginning of this dark campaign.

Adam and Eve had exponentially more to lose than money or power. Their iniquity’s consequence was earth-shattering, altering the course of human history with a savage ferocity that would ripple it’s claws into the flesh of all that was good.

When I see Aaron Hernandez I feel sorrow for humanity’s static debauchery.

I see the ripple of Adam cast across the murky waters of creation gone awry.

I see myself.

One thought on “The Most To Lose

  1. I see myself as well. Right here next to all sorts of fallen and stood back up and knocked back down and tempted again. Great post man! I try to avoid the news media bandwagon on those matters. I still am amazed how Mel Gibson DUI right after The Passion of the Christ impacted so many to never want to see his works again.. Better response is to extend grace, and see, if one could change their own behavior by peering at themselves first before throwing insults. Blessings and cheers

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