What Was The Potter Thinking

A thought occurred to me the other day as I was talking with my wife about a christian apologist’s blog entry she had recently read. It wasn’t but a few years ago that my paradigm operated on an apologetic premise. Everything I believed had to be “confirmed.” I was big into arguing/debating the seemingly fathomable mysteries of life and the universe, and I was (wholeheartedly) convinced that understanding it all was attainable.

Now before I go any further let me pause to assure you that I’m not yokeling away the merits of science, faith, or any mix of the two. The transition in my mind over the past three years has been a marked shift from a paradigm operating on the basis of proving others wrong and myself right, into one that now sees how little either of those things actually matter.

It goes a little like this.

“Do you believe that I created everything and am omniscient?”


“Do you believe you are a part of my creation, with a finite ability to comprehend and understand the mysteries of me, my creation, and my omniscience?”


“So why do you act as though facts, evidence, arguments, and persuasions conceived by humans actually proves or disproves me?”


“And furthermore, if you become convinced of an idea that constitutes “proof” of me, don’t you then close your mind off from anyone who presents an equally or more convincing point of view?”

About that…

“You end up looking foolish when you pretend to know enough about me that you can definitively say how, why, or in what order I created.”

Well you see…

“Remember earlier when you admitted to my omniscience and your finite mind?”

Uhh, yeah.

“When the potter molds the clay, why is he doing it?”

To make a vessel?

“Exactly, and why does the potter make a vessel?”

To hold something specific?

“You’re on a roll Einstein. I did create you to hold something specific — ME! My character, my nature, my love. You were designed specifically to hold this inside of you.”

Well that’s pretty cool.

“Yeah, it is. Tell me though, how weird would it be if the potter made a pot to hold water, but instead of holding water that pot went around telling people where the potter bought the clay from, what technique he used when crafting, and on and on and on?”

I guess the potter would be grieved that his creation wasn’t being used for what he intended.

“Exactly. I didn’t create you so you could TELL the world ABOUT me and how I operate. That’s extraordinarily complicated, and frankly above your pay grade at this point. I created you to SHOW the world who I am by allowing my spirit to dwell with you, in perfect communion. Love will be your proof.”

And just like that, everything changed.

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